Professional Certified Trainer and Coach Making (PTM)

This remarkable program offers trainers, coaches a global membership to start their professional training, coaching career. It provides opportunities for sharing experience and skills allowing the trainer and coach to become a specialist in the training and coaching field. The program integrates proficiency levels to support and maintain the trainer’s coach career path and field achievements

Advantages for Joining the PTM Program

By joining the PTM team, you become an acknowledged representative of the program; thus, you will be introduced as a member of the global training and coaching community in the era of globalization and collaboration. Moreover, you will enjoy the following advantages:
  • Acknowledgement and credibility from one of the most innovative training and coaching CADT
  • Annual membership with the PTM program, renewable free-of-charge for active members who achieved the 100-trainees milestone under the supervision of the PTM program.
  • Certificate of the Professional Certified Trainer or Coache authorized from CADT.
  • Official Professional Certified Trainer pin.
  • Personal custom-made membership card with your membership number.
  • Technical and administrative support compatible with your schedule and work agenda.
  • The ability to provide your trainees and coachess with certificates issued directly from CADT for a nominal fee; assuming CADT has accredited the training or coaching course and its content
  • Enrollment in our ever-growing trainers and coaches list whether it’s on our website or in other publications.
  • Marketing support to publish your courses and training and coaching packages in the market.
  • The ability to use the PTM logo on your brochures, handouts, and business card; as well as to use the phrase “Certified from PTM.
  • Professional follow-up to elevate and improve the membership level.



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